Logo von CARE BY LIGHT | Desinfektion mit UV–C–Licht

“Disinfection with UV–C light”

seCUBE zur Desinfektion von Spielzeug im Kindergarten mit UV-C Licht im Handel
seCUBE zur Desinfektion von Produkten mit UV–C–Licht im Handel
Produktbild vom seTUBE AIR zur Desinfektion von Luft im Räumen mit UV–C–Licht
seCUBE zur Desinfektion von Betten und Rollstühlen in Krankenhäusern mit UV–C–Licht

Seeing crises as opportunities is in the DNA of the two cooperation partners MCI | Unternehmerische Hochschule® and PLANLICHT. This principle is reflected in the start–up company “CARE BY LIGHT”, where innovative research technologies lead to concrete solutions and create added value for the Tyrol as a business location.

The jointly founded CARE BY LIGHT GmbH has made it its business to effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi by means of UV–C–LED. The innovative solution for germ–free surfaces made in Tyrol. SAFE — CLEAN — EFFICIENT.

Produktbild vom seCUBE zur Desinfektion mit UV-C Licht
seCUBE zur Desinfektion mit UV–C–Licht im Handel
Produktbild vom mobilen seTube zur Desinfektion von Oberflächen mit UV–C–Licht
Desinfektion von Einkaufswägen mit UV–C Licht
Portrait von Andreas Mühlthaler, Product Management von CARE BY LIGHT

“Our technology enables effective disinfection without leaving residues, without any chemicals at all.”

Andreas Mühlthaler

Product Management

Disinfection with UV–C

The importance of clean surfaces that we all come into contact with is continuously increasing. However, cleanliness is not synonymous with sterility. CARE BY LIGHT offers you absolute safety by neutralizing germs in the most efficient way, without additives and waste. This innovative LED UV–C technology eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi extremely effectively.

An insight into the CARE BY LIGHT product range

The cuboid-shaped device disinfects surfaces of mobile objects with light. The size of the CUBE, the intensity of the lighting and the duration are each adjusted to the specific application.

seTUBE differs from seCUBE in terms of its cylindrical shape and is equivalent to the cuboid device in terms of functionality & application.

seTUBE air
With seTUBE air, the air in rooms can be cleaned and disinfected with the help of various filter modules and light.

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Disinfection with UV–C light

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